Go Ask Alice


In the beginning

Go Ask Alice began in Melbourne 2010 when Emily Mahy created handbags from vintage leather jackets. Customers received individual stories written by Emily’s writer friends imagining the leather jackets’ histories.

  • - Um Dad, I’ve got something to tell you, something that I’ve been meaning to get off my chest for quite a while…
  • - yes?
  • - well, you know how I don’t really have many friends at school and how some of the other kids tease me?
  • - your mother and I are aware of some, er… problems you’ve been having…
  • - well…and this is not easy for me to say, ok?
  • - just spit it out, boy, what is it?
  • - I’ve been thinking really long and hard about things and well, I just think it would be better, that I’d be better suited, if I was a leather clutch…
  • - a clutch…?
  • - yeah. A clutch.
  • - and what, stop being a leather jacket?
  • - um… yeah. what do you think?
  • - well, it could be worse
  • - so you don’t mind?
  • - listen son I’m a pretty progressive guy. If you want to be a clutch, that’s ok with me. A lot of kids are doing that sort of thing these days. I read the papers. I’m aware. I’m hip.
  • - thanks dad!
  • - don’t mention it son. But if I find out you’ve become a pair of ass-less chaps, there’ll be trouble!
  • Story by Rohan Arnott

Go Ask Alice today

In 2011 Emily moved Go Ask Alice to Auckland and opened a workshop where she designs and makes pieces from beautiful new leather and canvas. In an industry that is often led down an unsustainable path Emily has a focus on slow considered fashion where she provides a custom made service along with her classic collection. Emily's designs are an extention of herself, she see's beauty in symmetry, composition, the dark and moody. All Go Ask Alice bags are designed and handcrafted in her workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.